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NERLIKAR DENTAL CLINIC We all know that dental health is important.Of course, we all want great-looking teeth, and the flow-on effects this has for our confidence, happiness and mental health. But a healthy mouth is important for many more reasons besides. Tooth, mouth and oral damage, disease and infections are not only painful, they can cause speech problems and negatively impact other areas of our general health and quality of life, often with serious consequences. So it’s crucial that you look after your dental health. How do you do that? With thorough daily maintenance at home and by regularly visiting a dental professional for check-ups or when you have problems.
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Nature of ALCOHOL DE-ADDICTION treatment 1:-Tablets for the control of alcoholism 2:-Test Dose 3:-The implant FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT ON WWW.NERLIKARHOSPITAL.COM /WWW.NERLIKARHOSPITAL.IN
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Alcoholism is a curse affecting and spreading in all sections of society. Many a times addicts themselves are aware of all effects of this vice & hazards it causes from their own experience. But in spite of their genuine desire to get rid of alcoholism they are not able to control themselves and become prey of alcoholism and get more and more addicted. This treatment for alcoholism is mainly for those who really have the desire to get rid of this very harmful vice. This treatment is being administered in Nerlikar Hospital, Gangapur Road, Nashik, from 1980. Over ten thousand patients have undergone this treatment voluntarily and it is a matter of satisfaction that 80% patients have been benefited by the treatment and have given up alcohol completely. This treatment contains some risks and restrictions and imparts some responsibilities on the patients who intends to take the treatment as well as on his relatives. It is imperative that they have been clearly informed about these details before they make up their mind to undergo the treatment.
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TREATMENT FOR ALCOHOLISM at Maharashtra Alcohol De-Addiction Treatment in Nashik Call: +91 - 253 - 2342471, 2342474 Cell: +91- 9823063868