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Nerlikar Hospital

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Nerlikar Hospital in Nashik in1985, when Nashik was a small place known mostly for its religious tourism, Dr. Vinayak Nerlikar MS (Ortho), MCh (Liverpool), FICS and Dr. Shobha Nerlikar, MS (General Surgery), FRCS (London) started Nerlikar Hospital which helped to transform the medical landscape of Nashik. Today, after 25 years it has transformed into a multi-specialty hospital with ICU, state-of –the-art medical equipments and facilities, fully equipped Operation Theatres, Pathology Labs, Ambulance service, trained nursing staff and a team of dedicated doctors. Dr. Vinayak Nerlikar performs Joint Replacement Surgeries, Spine surgeries, Arthroscopy and Trauma Surgeries. Dr. Shobha Nerlikar has evolved a unique Alcohol De-addiction Treatment. She has treated more than 25,000 patients with a success rate of 70 to 90 percent.

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Alcoholic Deadiction Treatment
Alcoholic Deadiction Treatment